What Are the Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage?

When a therapist is deciding which oils to use for massage therapy that is based on aromatherapy it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. You should use essential oils that are safe for your skin, and remember that there are a few contraindications to using citrus essential oils. Avoid citrus essential oils if asthma or are suffering from breathing issues. 서울출장 Talk to your doctor in case you're not sure which oils are suitable. Let them know about your allergies and request a new kind of oil or additional pressure.


Bergamot aromatherapy massage benefits include calming and reducing signs of stress. Bergamot essential oils blend well with other aromatherapy oils such as Patchouli, Lemon, Patchouli and Lime. Because bergamot essential oil may cause allergic reactions to the skin and cause irritation it is recommended to avoid using it on areas with sensitive skin or children. Avoid direct sunlight and bright light for 12 hours following application.

The positive effects of essential oils of bergamot have been a major reason for its popularity for aromatherapy. Linalool, a chemical component of bergamot essential oil has been proven effective against common foodborne pathogens. This citrus oil can alleviate headaches, reduce stress and help balance energy levels. Massage therapists have used bergamot to reduce the effects of mental and emotional stress. It can be inhaled directly from the tissue or diffused into the air to provide aromatherapy.


Chamomile, a plant that has been used for centuries, has many uses. It is anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing. Because of its intoxicating aroma it is a sought-after aromatherapy ingredient. It was used to relax pregnant mothers in massages since the Roman Empire. Studies have demonstrated that chamomile aromatherapy massage can be effective in treating a range of ailments. Below are a few of the benefits of the aromatherapy massage chamomile.

The essential oil of Chamomile is an excellent carrier for massage. The essential oil blends well with a variety of essential oils, including citrus flowers. It is also an essential oil that can be used to treat skin conditions. Similar to other oils, chamomile is effective for skin types that are sensitive. Before applying the essential oil to your skin, ensure that you dilute it with the carrier oil. Chamomile essential oil is particularly beneficial when massaged into sore muscles or joints.


Lavender is an excellent choice for aromatherapy massage oils. Its soothing properties help to reduce stress and improve well-being for the mind and body. This massage oil for aromatherapy is filled with super-critical plant extracts, essential oils, and skin-soothing nutrients. Added bonus: it has no preservatives! This oil is completely natural and comes from a garden with lavender. Lavender aromatherapy oil can be used to relax your body without the need of a scent-enhancing lotion.

All workers including medicine are affected by occupational stress. Alternative and complementary practices in medicine have been proven to be effective in reducing stress. In a study of female university employees lavender aromatherapy massage significantly reduced stress levels and burnout. The intervention had an effectiveness of 0.98, and the results confirmed the expected link between lavender and HRV. It also significantly reduced personality traits that could lead to burnout, like type-A personality traits. What are the advantages of lavender aromatherapy massages?

Chamomile oil

If you are seeking an unwinding massage, you can use the oil of chamomile. It is an essential oil that helps ease tension and anxiety. It can be applied directly to the skin or added to a moisturizer or body lotion. To lessen the risk of with inhaling the scent, you can also make a compress. Before applying it to a large area of skin, make sure you test it out first.

German chamomile oil is great for massages that are aromatherapy. Its calming herbal scent will bring you into a peaceful mood. It is possible to apply it to your skin before you go to bed or inhale through a diffuser. You can also apply German chamomile oil for pain relief. The oil can be incorporated into many blends to instantly boost your mood. It can also be used to treat wounds.

Unscented cold-pressed vegetable oil

If you're looking for a great massage with aromatherapy, be sure to purchase unscented cold-pressed vegetable oils. These oils are still very effective, despite what many consumers believe. When choosing an aromatherapy massage oil ensure that it contains only essential oils and does not contain synthetic scents. Some oils are called "relaxing" due to their lavender scent and other scents. Others contain anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in stiffening muscles and alleviate pain.

Carrier oils are the main ingredient in aromatherapy massage, and you should select a high-quality unscented variety if you want the most effective results. Find a cold-pressed unscented oil free of fragrance, additives, alcohol, and other chemicals. It is possible to find cold-pressed vegetable oils in stores as well as online, and many brands are available in 16-ounce containers. Some oils come with a pump making it easier to apply.

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